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[DVD #102]
FIRESTORM: AIR OPERATIONS" takes a detailed look at the light, medium and heavy lift helicopters of the brush fire wars, along with the state of the art air tanker the Canadair "Super Scooper" and the newest weapon on the front lines, the Sikorsky "FireHawk".
Fly at treetop level right into some of the most dangerous skies, where raging winds, blinding smoke, towering conflagrations of fire threaten to slam your aircraft in the blin of an eye into jagged flame racked mountainsides. You will witness thousand gallon drops (a gallon of water weighs eight pounds, so 8,000 pounds) of water released right over your head stopping walls of flame, racing to surround and consume you faster then a man can run, dead in its tracks.
From "Bambi Buckets" to conformal air tanks slapped to the under bellies of giant Sikorsky "AirCrane" helicopters you will witness incredable footage of these machines in action. Then climb on board the Canadair "Super Scooper", she is like a soaring hawk dancing in the sky ready to dive down on its prey. And then saddle up on the newest state of the art helicopter that can go from firefighter dropping thousand gallon strikes minute after minute, to rescue bird in the blink of the eye, this is the Sikorsky "FireHawk". The "FireHawk" is the fire/rescue version of the famed US Military's "BlackHawk" helicopter. This helicopter needs to be seen to be believed, and in "Firestorm:Air Operations" you get an unprecedented journey on this magnificent bird of prey.
"Firestorm:Air Operations" is intended for all audiences and can be enjoyed for the brilliant cinematography of man and machine verses nature; and professionals can use it as a advanced training tool to prepare rookies before their baptism of fire on the front lines of the brush fire wars.
This film is for all ages. Run time appr. 50 min.

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