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X9 - Brush fire, ground assault.
X9 - Brush fire, ground assault.
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[DVD #103]
""HUNTING WITH THE GRIZZLY"" Since man's beinnings he has tracked, hunted, and killed to sustain his life. It is the order of nature itself the predator-prey relationship of the life and death cycle. Today we live in a First World Nation where factory farms and assembly line slaughter houses kill and cut our meats into neat little packages to fill our store shelves, fast food joints and feed our wanton bodies. To the vast popultions that inhabit our mega-cites, the thought of killing an animal by oneself to feed one's self is as alien as it is to a Kalahari tribesmen walking into a supermarket and paying money for someone else to have killed his dinner.
Modern man has lost his sense as to his place in the circle of life. And to others in the tribe of modern man our majestic untamed animals are merely a trophy, a prize, or a status symbol to his insecurity as a man to justify his killing of the beast.
""Hunting with the Grizzly"" is a philosophy, and a way of life; a film to awaken those who walk with our most majestic brethren, the Grizzly, as to its sacred place in our universe, and to teach those who have lost touch with their ancestral roots in the natural balance of the hunt.
The Grizzly bear was revered by our native ancestors, the the Great Bear Spirit was worshiped. To hunt with the grizzly is an honor and privilege. ""Hunting with the Grizzly"" is a film showing the importance of the Grizzly, not just for its survival but mans. Journey with the Grizzly and learn to live in harmony with the bear, mountian lion and other, and to survive in a land where one mistake can be your last. This film takes you to some of the most remote lands and gives you a look into the past that was once all of North America.
""Hunting with the Grizzly"" gives a detailed look into survival in the bush, equipment to carry whenever you enter natures domaine, along with state of the art equipment to deter aggressive predators, and see how fast one mistake can nearly cost one your life. Now take a journey into the land of the Great Bear Spirit in ""Hunting with the Grizzly""
This film is for audiences over 14. Run time appr. 120 min.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 02 July, 2009.