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World Education Program

The World Education Program is an effort to bring hope and a better way of life to those who live in poverty, oppression, sickness and under the boot of tyranny through education to better themselves and their world so that they may have a chance for a better life.
This project was created by Craig & Suzanne Bonholtzer. Originally called the Afghan Education Project. While at the Afghan front witnessing American Rangers taking the most basic of school supplies, much of it sent by their own families and being given to Afghan children in remote villages; Craig and Suzanne thought this effort was the best way to lift those who have nothing start a new life with the most basic of goods, pens, pencils, rulers, maps, basic math and reading cards, etc.

In 2002 after establishing the Afghan Education Program the Bonholtzer's sent many shipments on their own, as well as with the help of local schools to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan they had been asked by a U.S. Special Forces unit 'when back in the states if they could get a 100' of wire and a speaker sent back' to the unit so that they could give it to a Mosque the Special Forces unit was helping to rebuild. Once back instead of sending some wire and speaker the Bonholtzer's purchased, with their own monies, an entire Fender Sound System for the Mosque and sent it over to the Special Forces unit. Once received Craig and Suzanne got word back that the leaders and people of the Mosque were overjoyed with the gift.

Through their travels around the globe Craig and Suzanne along with their son's Eric and Trent felt that with a little help many more could benefit around the world with the same concept. They then changed the name from the Afghan Education Project to The World Education Program.
The World Education program allows anyone to help in the most modest of ways by giving the most simple gifts a box of crayons, pencils, maps, soccer balls, etc. to helps those with nothing. 

The World Education Program now has shipments sent off to remote schools in the Kalahari Desert of Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, and orphanges in Dijibouti in the Horn of Africa. As this organization continues to grow the Bonholtzer's hope to expand The World Education Program to every impoverished nation around the world where people can hope for a better way of life through education.

You can help too by sendng new (unwraped) contributions either directly to Non-Governmental-Organizations (NGO's), U.S. Forces, or to those who live with the poor to help them build a better life that The World Education Program is assisting. Or you can send your contributions or financial assistance to The World Education Program (listed below) and they will see to the distribution of your gift. For those seeking to send directly to the field you can either e-mail or call The World Education Program for address of locations to send supplies.

For further information contact Craig or Suzanne Bonholtzer at the studios of Bonholtzer Productions and offices of The World Education Program at (country code 011 for those outside the U.S.)323-681-5647.
555 E. Union Street, Pasadena, Calif. 91101 USA

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